Collection: Marketing Samples

  • Kerry Grady Poster

    An exclusive, limited-edition poster designed by Kerry Grady for a Sylvamo event celebrating the launch of Grady's book, From Pencil to Mouse: Forty Years of Graphic Design.

    Paper: Accent Opaque 80 lb. Cover Indigo treated 3 Star Super Smooth

    Press: HP Indigo 7900

    Kerry Grady Poster
  • Meet Sylvamo Mailer with Rolling Knot Fold

    Using an eye-catching rolling knot fold inspired by Fold Factory, this Sylvamo piece provides the origins (and pronunciation) of the Sylvamo name; how those relate to its core principles of responsible and sustainable paper production; as well as a quick rundown of the papers included: Hammermill, Springhill, Williamsburg and Accent Opaque.

    Paper: Accent Opaque 100 lb. Cover Smooth

    Press: Offset

    Meet Sylvamo Mailer with Rolling Knot Fold
  • Apollo and the Treehouse

    **Please note: This item will ship with a delay, as we are currently printing a second edition.

    Book Three in the Beloved Augmented Reality Children’s Book Series, Illustrated by Kyle Beckett

    It’s summer break, and our adventurous heroine and her canine sidekick are determined to build a treehouse. They just need to figure out a way to do it while obeying the number one rule of treehouse building: Be kind to the tree!

    With a little help from a surprise visitor, the two might just create the treehouse of their dreams.


    • Cover: Accent Opaque 100 lb. Cover Super Smooth
    • Text: Accent Opaque 80 lb. Text Super Smooth with ImageLok Technology


    • Cover: Canon imagePRESS C10010VP
    • Text: Canon ColorStream 8000 Series Color Inkjet Press

    Apollo and the Treehouse
  • Sylvamo End User Mailer

    Designed to introduce Sylvamo, along with its company mission and values and its commitment to sustainability, to brand owners, this mailer features a complex corner folder open gate fold and interactivity in the form of a QR code.

    Paper: Accent Opaque 80 lb. Cover

    Press: HP Indigo 7900

    Sylvamo End User Mailer